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My quilt buddy, Phyl, and I go to the Houston Festival each year, and we need to keep our badges handy for easy entry to the show and to any classes we take. Not really a problem, right? Except that I detest the badge holders that go around the neck! For the past few years, I’ve merely safety pinned my badge to my bag, but it’s not an elegant solution. 😉 Phyl came up with what I consider a brilliant idea for a better method, and that idea was based on luggage tags. Of course, luggage tags are generally too small for the badge, but what was to prevent making something similar, but in a larger size?

Today I sat down and figured out what I wanted, and I think this may actually work. I used some black fabric I had on hand and embroidered a little elephant from OESD on it for a little interest. (The embroidery was *so* much easier to organize, now that my module is so easily accessible in my Koala cabinet!) I added another layer of fabric to hide the back of the embroidery and a vinyl “window” on the back side, where I can slip my badge into place. The last step was to put a buttonhole at the top; I can slip the strap of my bag through it to keep it handy and secure.

It’s really difficult to see the buttonhole, and there’s no way to show the vinyl side; that black fabric hides a lot. 😉 If this needs tweaking, it won’t be a problem, since this only took a couple of hours to make. 🙂

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