What a mess! 2

I’m still working on La Vie Est Belle (see my first post about this here), and my sewing cabinet has become more and more crowded as I progress. There really is progress, but it’s difficult to see at this point. Beginning from the left of the photo, my various fabrics, […]

Rulers for Rookies 4

First of all, I’m still — slowly — working on my New York Beauty blocks! The past few days have been a bit busier than usual with “other” stuff, though, so progress continues on a not-rushed basis. 😉 Today, though, I’m posting about a class I was lucky enough to […]

Embroidered Cord Wraps

A few months ago I saw an article in the September/October issue of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, and it seemed like a pretty great idea for organization. Those pesky cords we all have to keep around for our mobile devices always end up tangled and disorganized, but the magazine had […]


I’m still making progress — very slow progress — on my current New York Beauty project, but I really don’t have anything “show-off-able” yet. However, I do have a couple of baked items to share. My family — two daughters and spouses with five grandchildren — gathered at one daughter’s […]

Gifts 6

Now that Christmas is behind us and all surprises are revealed, I can show what I made to give away this year. This first photo shows the five ornaments I embroidered for our grandchildren. These are all free-standing lace, meaning that there isn’t any actual fabric; all of the colors […]

It’s beginning to feel …

… a lot like Christmas! And I’m wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a healthy and happy New Year.