First of all, I’m still working on my current quilt — slowly, it’s true, but I’ll show pictures when I’m happier with what I’m doing. 😉 However, my husband of almost 45 years bought me a gift for no particular reason a few weeks ago, and it arrived yesterday. He’s […]

Springtime baking 2

I haven’t posted in a while, as I’ve been going through something that hasn’t left me much in the mood. Today, though, I decided to do some baking to get my mind off of things. A few months ago I’d purchased Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Dorie’s Cookies, which is crammed full of scrumptious-sounding cookies, […]

Ditching it 4

Don’t get me wrong — I enjoy the quilting portion of making a quilt. Still, before doing the fun free-motion part, a certain amount of stitching in the ditch is necessary to stabilize the quilt and prevent the layers shifting. That part is sort of boring, IMHO. But that’s the part I’ve […]

Machine quilting practice, installment two

Actually, this is probably installment four, since the first step in this online project was to trace the main parts of the design and sandwich the little quilt. The second was to quilt along the wavy lines and then quilt flying geese inside those. The third step was to draw three large […]

Personalized bibs

There’s a new baby in the extended family! She’s the daughter of one of my nephews and his wife and joins a big brother who is now two. They’re French, so I don’t get to see them often; in fact, I’ve never seen any of my sister’s four grandchildren, sadly. One […]

Machine quilting practice 6

Not too long ago I found out about a challenge sponsored by Teri Lucas on her Facebook page. It’s a slow challenge, with the steps — two so far — coming every few weeks. The challenge is intended to give the participants some practice in free-motion quilting, and so far it’s been fun. The […]