I’m still making progress — very slow progress — on my current New York Beauty project, but I really don’t have anything “show-off-able” yet. However, I do have a couple of baked items to share.

My family — two daughters and spouses with five grandchildren — gathered at one daughter’s home on Christmas Eve for our celebratory dinner. We normally have a big dinner on Christmas Day, but this time we decided to simply relax all day and enjoy a slower pace. We did, however, all meet at our house for breakfast and to open some gifts on Christmas morning, and that was — as always — a lot of fun. But, to get back to the topic of Christmas Eve dinner, my job was to provide dessert, and I selected what sounded like a delectable cheesecake. However, “delectable” hardly begins to describe the result! I can say that, since it wasn’t my invention; I found the recipe on the King Arthur Flour site, though I did substitute a different method for making the caramel sauce. What kind of cheesecake was it? How does Caramel Pecan Cheesecake sound? Oh, I also made the caramel sauce into salted caramel sauce, which made it even better!

Tonight two of our grandchildren are coming for dinner, so I’ve baked a little something for our dessert. Have you seen a cookbook by Dorie Greenspan called Dorie’s Cookies? I’ve made several of the recipes, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. This time I decided upon Crumb Topped Apple Bars, which Dorie Greenspan describes as coming as close to pie as a cookie possibly can. From tasting a few of the bits that fell off as I cut the bars, I have to agree, and I think my grandsons will be happy. My husband already is. 🙂

Back to the spikes on my New York Beauty blocks! 😉

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I’m a retired high school French teacher from Arizona, now living in the Las Vegas area. I loved teaching French, but I love retirement even more! I’m a quilter, and most of what you see here will be about quilting, though I’ve also taken up knitting, and I love to bake. Please leave me a comment if you want to contact me — I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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