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I’m between actual projects at the moment and awaiting inspiration for my next one. However, I decided to take advantage of the down time to practice my free-motion quilting a bit. It’s rather nice to do this, not only to try to improve, but also because there’s no stress involved, since it’s “only” practice! 🙂

My first session was to refresh my filler skills with some McTavishing, which I haven’t done in a very long time and really like. I used a sample sandwich and some fine thread to minimize the thread build-up that is a necessary part of this motif.







The second session (different day!) was to make a triangular spiral effect, using my Bernina ruler foot and a ruler. I started with a triangle that was a bit too large for the ruler, meaning that I had to fudge a bit to estimate where I was going, but — again — it was only practice, so no problem. I may do this sort of thing again, this time using a square or a pentagon or another shape to start.


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I’m a retired high school French teacher from Arizona, now living in the Las Vegas area. I loved teaching French, but I love retirement even more! I’m a quilter, and most of what you see here will be about quilting, though I’ve also taken up knitting, and I love to bake. Please leave me a comment if you want to contact me — I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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4 thoughts on “Practicing

  • Suzanne

    Sandy that’s soooo good. Like the free motion pattern, why is it McTavishing? Just bought some basic rulers had a go at the same pattern very effective isn’t it. How about a whole quilt using mandala patterns for inspiration, next blog perhaps?

    • Sandy Post author

      Thanks, Suzanne. 🙂 Karen McTavish popularized this curvy, swirly style of filler some years ago, and the name stuck. Of course, everyone does it a bit differently, so mine doesn’t look precisely like hers. Wow! Mandalas all quilted out — that does sound interesting!

      • Suzanne

        Thanks Sandy for explaining, much appreciated. Take a look at Phillipa Naylor’s Measure for measure miniature quilt, she won best in show at Festival of Quilts’17 reminds me of an iced cake.