Storm at Sea

Storm at Sea news 3

My goodness! My little Storm at Sea miniature is getting around! I’m very flattered that it’s making an appearance on the John Flynn (really written by Brooke Flynn ) blog. Look here. 🙂

Storm at Sea 8

Last night I finished my little Storm at Sea miniature — quilted, bound and labeled. 🙂 It was a fun little project to do, and John Flynn’s laser-cut kits are definitely very precise and easy to piece. This one ended up being 21″ wide by 23.5″ long after I’d added […]

Leftovers and choices 3

I didn’t cook Christmas dinner at home, as we had our family dinner at our daughter’s house. So “leftovers” here are baked goods. I tried a new-to-me Martha Stewart recipe this year, along with a few of our usual favorites, and it was a hit wherever I took it. There’s […]

Back to quilting! 5

Today I added borders to my miniature Storm at Sea. I chose purple for the inner border to give good contrast and teal for the outer border to tie into some of the other colors in the top. Now it measures about 21″ x 24″. The next step, of course, […]

Taking a break 2

I’m not completely ready for Christmas, but today I took a bit of a break from that hustle and bustle to work on the miniature I now have in progress. While I was in Houston in November, I bought a kit — something I never do — for a Storm […]