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Squared Spirals 12

Not too long ago, I happened across a page showing knitted projects that illustrated math concepts. One of the knits looked like it could easily be made into a quilt using half-square triangles, though at this moment I can’t find that exact project on the site. Since I happened to […]

Can’t see the forest — again! 9

This time, my latest Christmas quilt is almost finished! I’ve completed the quilting, applied the piping and binding, made and attached a label and hanging sleeve. So what’s left? I’m seriously considering adding some crystals for some extra sparkle, which is something I’ve never done before. That step will have to wait, though, […]

Slow progress

A couple of months ago I posted some embroidered Christmas tree blocks I was making. I’ve made a little progress since then, but it’s been slow. I’d love to blame that on the vacation we took or the work involved in getting new tile laid in the house, but in […]

At last! 6

You may not believe it, after all this time, but I’ve finally finished ‘Tis the Season! While I didn’t get it done before last Christmas, it’s ready and waiting for the next one. To recap the “story”, I took a class from Claudia Dinnell, whose design I’d seen and loved. The […]