Cruising the Rhône (part 5)

This was the last day of our actual cruise; the following day would be spent traveling home again. We began the day with a tour of Avignon, which I’d visited several years ago with a group of my students; this time, however, the Palais des Papes was open to the public. […]

Cruising the Rhône (part 4)

I took yesterday off from posting, but today’s another day. 😉 By day five of our cruise, things were beginning to wind down. We were docked in Avignon, rather than in Arles, as we’d expected — the dock in Arles was undergoing renovations. No problem, though, as Arles was only about half […]

Cruising the Rhône (part 3)

  Day four of our cruise began in Tournon, a picturesque city surrounded by vineyards. Look how lovely it looks with the sun peeking through the clouds!         Here is a better view of our docked location.       This one of the many bridges crossing the […]

Cruising the Rhône (part 2)

While our ship sailed from Lyon to Vienne, we were served a Provençal lunch onboard. Here, you can see the menu and how the dishes were displayed for us.   As we ate, our ship went through a few locks on the way to Vienne.           […]

Cruising the Rhône (part 1)

After leaving my sister and brother-in-law, my husband and I flew to the south of France to board a river ship, the Viking Buri. The cruise was to take us from the Saône River to the Rhône and then down almost to the coast. Our first day put us in […]

Paris! (part 2)

The day after we went into Paris, we all took off on a road trip to Royaumont Abbey, a lovely, peaceful spot with no huge crowds to deal with. Most of the interior was off-limits, as it’s used for performances, and rehearsals were in progress. However, we saw what was […]