A few miscellaneous photos

We’ve had a visitor for the past few days. The boxer-mix puppy that belongs to one of our daughters and her two sons — our grandsons, of course — was visiting from Friday until this afternoon. He’s still quite young and very playful, which intimidated our little Bisou a bit, but — on the whole — they got […]


Before I get around to showing some of our travel photos, I thought I’d show you what we came home to. Not too long ago DH redid our outdoor fountain area, planting three hibiscus bushes in the process. We have a red, an orange, and a yellow hibiscus, and the […]

A beautiful orchid!

Sunday was Mother’s Day, as many here know. We have two daughters with five grandchildren between them, and we all spent the afternoon and evening together. The grandchildren all had a wonderful time swimming, and then we had dinner. Daughter #1 prepared a gorgeous salad and a delicious and light […]

Just what I needed! 1

I’ve begun the free-motion work on the plumeria quilt I began some time ago, and one of the motifs I used just isn’t cutting it. I’m going to have to take it out, which isn’t good news, since the lines have been stitched over several times. Ugh. But it has […]

Happy Mother’s Day! 2

I hope everyone is having a relaxing day with their loved ones. 🙂 I know I am. And yesterday one of our daughters came over with her SO to give me her gifts, since she has to work today. The gift that’s easiest to show you is this gorgeous orchid […]