“Holi” Moley!

I saw this Holi Ganesha pattern some time ago and fell in love with it. How could I resist? When I had the chance to get it and was finished with my previous quilt, I gave in to temptation. Not only is it gorgeous, but I do love elephants — […]

A plethora of “featherweights” 8

Many of you may have heard that this summer there was a row-by-row challenge across the US. The idea was to visit as many quilt shops as possible, pick up the row pattern they had available, and make the rows into a quilt. I didn’t visit any quilt shops, with the […]

Hawaiian turtles 4

You may — or may not 😉 — remember this post. At the time that my quilting buddy, Phyl, bought her kit, I also bought one, and I put it away to work on at some point; the kits were laser cut by Stacy Michell. That was about three years ago. Time does fly! LOL! […]