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Feathered Wholecloth
Free-Motion Quilting
Aqua Wholecloth

Feathered Wholecloth Quilt

In January, 2008, I took a machine quilting class from Sue Nickels. It was wonderful! I've enjoyed all of the classes I've had on how to do feathers, and I've learned something new from each; this time I was finally successful in being able to draw feathers so as to be able to draft feathered motifs to fit a specific space. As part of the class, we all had to design a feathered quilt, and this is the one I designed:

I finished it in February, 2008, and it will probably become a quilt for one of our dogs, since I messed up the back during the basting. ;) It measures approximately 23" x 23" and was quilted with lavender thread. Here's a detail of the quilting:

Free-Motion Quilting

I took a class in January, 2009, from Sharon Schamber on how to make various background stipple patterns. She's such a good teacher! We got a good start on the piece in class, and I finished it at home shortly after that.  The little quilt measures about 15" square and is an excellent reference for future projects.

Aqua Wholecloth

In January, 2011, I took a wholecloth design class from Terri Doyle in Phoenix. There, I designed two quilts, but one must be redone for various reasons. The other, much smaller, one is this one. It's about 17" square. I quilted it with silk thread and wool batting (yummy stuff!) and finished it in February, 2011.

Here's a detail of the quilting: