This is Thor!

Thor was my 12 1/2 year old Doberman pinscher. While he could be protective, he was also, at times, a big baby

For instance, during a thunderstorm (a frequent event where we lived), Thor headed right for my closet! There, he hid in the deepest, darkest corner he could find, trampling any shoes or bags that might be in his way. It's amazing how small a space such a large dog could squeeze into!

On the other hand, Thor was very protective whenever someone might have been trying to commit nefarious acts, such as stealing our garbage or driving down "our" part of the street. I shouldn't make fun of him, though, since he was probably the reason that ours was the only home in our neighborhood that was never burglarized!

Thor also loved quilts. Just try to lie down on the floor with a quilt to watch TV; Thor would be right there, too! He loved to lie with his head on someone's chest. He also made "nests" out of the bedding if we didn't watch to make sure he didn't sneak up onto the beds--okay, so the quilt I made for my bed hung on a rack for ten years.... You can't have everything!

Born on December 29, 1984, Thor passed away on July 29, 1997. I like to think that he has traveled to that famous Rainbow Bridge, where I hope to join him and my first Doberman one of these days.