Christmas Quiltlets
Circular Logic

Stack-n-Whack Christmas Quiltlets

I've been wanting to experiment with this technique, since I've heard how much fun it is. I finally decided to try making the hexagon star pattern; it was going to be a quilted table runner. However, I changed my mind and made two small quilts for my two best friends, instead. I gave them as Christmas gifts in 1999.    


The two quilts are very small, about the size to hang over the back of a chair or couch. Since making them, I've decided that everything I'd heard about the Stack-n-Whack technique being fun was true! I'll be making more in different patterns sometime.

Circular Logic

In January, 2007, I finally had the chance to take a class from  Bethany Reynolds! She was in Phoenix for Quilting in the Desert, and I just couldn't miss that. Her quilt had five complete circles in it, but I made mine a little smaller by making four semi-circles and only one complete circle; I designed it in EQ6. It's entirely machine pieced and machine quilted and measures roughly 60" square. I finished it in June, 2007.

Here's a closer view of the center circle:

Update: I entered this quilt in our local show in February, 2008, and it won a second prize! Here it is with its ribbon: