Drunkard's Path

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Black and White
Cecilia's Circles
Water Lilies
Moon in the Window

I made this wallhanging to keep from freezing in our former home! Directly over the chair where I prefered to do my hand quilting, there was a vent for the evaporative cooler. That was nice in the summer, but in the winter the cold winds came through the vent with a vengeance. This piece covered the vent in the winter so that the room stayed warm and I stayed comfortable. This Drunkard's Path variation was machine pieced and hand quilted and is only 28 1/2" x 17 1/2".

This Drunkard's Path was made in a class with Lyn Mann at Quilt Camp in the Pines in 1999. Actually, that's when I started the top, finishing it later that summer. However, I didn't get around to machine quilting it until November, 2000! Now I use it as a decorative tablecloth on my dining room table. It really brightens up the room! This quilt also took third place in its category in our local show in 2001. Below you can see the quilt on the table and as a whole. It measures 46" square.

It had been a very long time since I'd done a Drunkard's Path quilt, but I do like the curves in this pattern. When I saw a new technique of doing them online (courtesy of my sister!), I couldn't resist. I dug out some beautiful batiks I'd inherited from a local quilter who had passed away and used them to make Cecilia's Circles. I named the quilt after the quilter who'd given me the fabrics. This was entirely machine pieced and machine quilted. For the quilting, I used a variegated purple/raspberry thread, drawing the curve of the spine of each feather onto the block and then doing the feathers themselves freehand. I didn't think this particular quilt needed a border; I didn't like the idea of the circles and partial circles being "contained" by any border.

Here is the finished quilt, which measures 45" x 45", and which I completed in April, 2011.

The next two photos show a close-up of the quilting from the front and from the back of the quilt:


This next piece is a variation of the basic Drunkard's path quilt, in that it has two inserted quarter circles in each block. I began the quilt in a class but hated the class; the instructor spent most of her time chatting with a few students whom she knew from before and did little or no real teaching. As a result, I put the pieces of the quilt away for a while, getting them out again over a year later to finish. The colors in it reminded me of Monet's paintings, so I named it Water Lilies. I machine quilted it with swirls to suggest water in the background area and quilted "petals" in the circles. I finished the quilt in November, 2013, with my usual corded piping next to the binding; it measures 45" x 45".

And here is a detail of the quilting:

This Drunkard's Path version is called Moon in the Window, designed by Elisa's Backporch Designs. I began it in May, 2013, and finally finished it in February, 2015; it sat for quite a while as a finished top before I quilted it. The finished quilt measures about 54" square.

It is free-motion quilted with feathers and curved cross hatching, as well as a dense background filler in the "L" shapes around the quarter circles. As usual, there is corded piping next to the binding. Here are some details of the quilting: