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Doggie Dreams
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I've haven't been a paper piecer in the past, but when I saw the patterns for the first several on this page, I just couldn't resist. I saw them first at the Houston Quilt Festival in 2002 and bought them to make "someday". That day arrived in March, 2003, when I was looking for something small and quick to play with. I tried to make them to resemble  our two quilt inspectors, Dexter and Tuppence. In order to do that, I changed the coloring a little on the cocker spaniel pattern, something that's easy enough to do. However, the all-black Dexter was more of a challenge. How do you make details show up when the coloring is the same? Specifically, how could I make his ear show against the rest of his black coat? I don't know that I succeeded very well, but I can see it -- in person, anyway! ;) See if you can in the detail below.

Here's my attempt at Dexter, our lab-chow mix and a real sweetheart.

And here's a detail showing his head in a close-up. Can you see his ear? ;)

Now here's the quilt portraying Tuppence, our little cocker who was a bundle of energy.

And here's the detail of her head. You might be able to guess that she was parti-colored in tans and white.

Finally, here are the two dogs as they really looked. You can see more of them on their own pages: Tuppence and Dexter.

Each little quilt measures 10 1/4" square, and I finished them the same month that they were started -- March, 2003. They're machine pieced and machine quilted. The patterns were made by Linda Hibbert. You can judge for yourself whether the dogs and the quilts look alike.


Doggie Dreams

Once again, I found a paper-pieced dog pattern in Houston (this time in 2003) that I just couldn't leave behind! Each dog is dreaming about something special: chasing a cat or a bird, chewing on a big bone, taking a ride in the car, curling up in a cozy house.

The quilt was maching pieced and appliquéed (satin stitch), and I outline quilted each dog and then did a large stipple in the background. It measures 13" x 11" and uses buttons for the dream items. I finished it in November, 2003. I also tried a new-to-me method of binding this one, but I think I'll go back to my old method. ;) The pattern was made by Patchwork Plus.

Doberman Retirement Quiltlet

This is another of Linda Hibbert's patterns. I made this as a retirement gift for my husband's boss at his job supervising student teachers through the local university. This man, who was also my boss when I did the same job for a year, is a Doberman lover. Since I also used to have Dobermans and still love them, I thought a quilt to reflect that was appropriate. It is paper pieced and free-motion machine quilted. I used a variegated thread in the border, but it's difficult to see. Here is the quilt (left) and a part of the back with the label (right):


The fabric on the back is the one that started me collecting dog fabrics some years ago, and which resulted in my Doggie Brick Road quilt. This quiltlet measures 11.75" square and was finished at the end of March, 2004.


Here is yet another of the patterns from Linda Hibbert's CD-ROM. My twin and her DH have an adorable salt and pepper miniature schnauzer named Scarlett, and I decided that I should try to make a little quiltlet of her. The problem was that the pattern called for cropped ears, and Scarlett's are floppy. So I edited the pieces a bit and came up with this:

This one measures approximately 10 7/8" square and was machine pieced and quilted in May, 2004; it's a gift for Scarlett's family. ;)

Doggie Diaries

This doggie quilt is -- obviously -- not paper-pieced. It started out as a panel that I just couldn't leave when I saw it at our local quilt show in 2006. (Are you seeing a pattern of behavior here?) To the panel I added an adorable puppy print, the black pawprint fabric and the rust accent.. I machine quilted it and then added cording piping between the border and the binding.

This one measures 32 1/2" x 26 1/2", and I finished it in May, 2006.