DJ arrived to live with us. It was supposed to be a trial stay, but you know how that goes. ;) Here's the story: DJ was found on the streets and taken in by a woman when he was somewhere around 4-5 months old. He lived with her for a month before she passed away. The woman's daughter took DJ for a day, but she couldn't keep him.  He spent the next day with one of my daughters and her family, and she called us because DJ looks so much like Dexter. So poor "little" DJ had four homes within four days. Needless to say, he was a pretty confused puppy when we got him. What's more is that someone has obviously been hitting him in the head. However, after a couple of days with us, he's beginning to look forward to our head pats, so there's hope. :) Anyway, DJ has a nose that's a bit more pointy than Dexter's, and his eyes are smaller. He also has a couple of white patches on his chest and one paw, but the biggest difference between them is the tail. Dexter's is fluffy and plumy, while DJ's is pretty much straight and thin.

Dexter wasn't exactly sure he's excited about a new puppy coming to live here, but he's coming around. The two of them have played a bit, which is good for Dexter, too, as he's getting a bit older now. Here they are together, but I didn't dare get down to their level for the photo, since that would have been an invitation to DJ to play. LOL!

Have you noticed how hard it is to photograph a black dog? Especially a black, wiggly puppy? <g> But here he's about to take a nap:

Update: DJ is no longer with us. For various reasons, the primary one being that Dexter was unable at his advanced age to deal with a large, exuberant and persistent puppy, we had to rehome DJ. Sadly, the new home was apparently infected with distemper, and DJ, whose shots were completely up to date, had to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge. It breaks my heart, since he was so affectionate, but at least I can imagine him playing happily with Tuppence and the others.