Quilted Diamond Blocks
-- page 5
(QD2 #46-58)

QD2 #46
Necessary to amuse their morning hours. (P&P Ch. 7)
QD2 #47
 Scenes had passed in Uppercross, which made it precious.
(P Ch. 13)

QD2 #48
They entered into it with pleasure.
(P Ch. 10)

QD2 #50
In high spirits and good humor, eager to be happy.
(S&S Ch. 13)
QD2 #51
There was novelty in the scheme.
(P&P Ch. 27)
QD2 #52
Little affairs, arrangements, perplexities and pleasures.
(E Ch. 14)

QD2 #53
He wore a blue coat and rode a black horse.
(P&P Ch. 3)
QD2 #54
The influence of friendship and affection.
(P&P Ch. 10)
QD2 #55
How peculiarly unlucky poor Mr. Elton was.
(E Ch. 32)

QD2 #56
Less of splendor, and more real elegance.
(P&P Ch. 43)
QD2 #57
Never had any week passed so quickly.
(S&S Ch. 19)
QD2 #58
This is delightful, is not it?
(E Ch. 38)


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