Quilted Diamond Blocks
-- page 4
(QD2 #34-45)

QD2 #34
There was so much of friendliness.
(P Ch. 9)

QD2 #35
Some shelves in the closets upstairs.
(P&P Ch. 14)

QD2 #36
Is this not an agreeable surprise?
(P&P Ch. 39)

QD2 #37
This is precisely what I wanted.
(E Ch. 35)
The pleasantest part of the day.
(E Ch. 42)
Two delightful twilight walks.
(S&S Ch. 42)

QD2 #40
A mine of felicity to herself.
(E Ch. 3)
QD2 #41
A fresh source of happiness.
(P&P Ch. 55)
QD2 #42
This of course made everybody laugh. (S&S Ch. 12)

QD2 #43
The object of her happiest thoughts. (P&P Ch. 42)
QD2 #44
Little zigzags of embarrassment.
(E Ch. 15)
QD2 #45
Perfectly interesting in the eyes of all the ladies.
(P Ch. 11)


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