Quilted Diamond Blocks
-- page 3
(QD2 #20-#32)

QD2 #20
Living to be fashionable, happy, and merry.
(P Ch. 5)
QD2 #21Handsome, elegant, highly accomplished, and perfectly amiable.
(E Ch. 22)
QD2 #23
So we must all be as merry as we can.
(P Ch.6)

QD2 #22
I never spent a pleasanter morning in my life.
(S&S Ch. 13)
QD2 #24
If not quite handsome, was very near it. (NA Ch. 3)
QD2 #25
Elegance, sweetness, beauty.
(P Ch. 14)

QD2 #27
I could not help making a treasure of it. (E Ch. 40)
QD2 #28
I wanted to be doing something.
(P Ch. 8)

QD2 #29
Her model of the amiable and pleasing. (P&P Ch. 27)

 QD2 #30
A worthy employment for a young lady's mind!
(E Ch. 1)
QD2 #31
Her most exquisite enjoyment.
(S & S Ch. 10)
QD2 #32
Yes, that would be quite enough for pleasure.
(E Ch. 29)


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