Quilted Diamond Blocks
-- page 2
(QD2 #4-#19)

QD2 #11
It takes a bend or two, but nothing of consequence.
(P, Ch. 21)
QD2 #7
A single woman, of good fortune, is always respectable.
(E, Ch. 10)
QD2 #4
She stepped boldly forward, carelessly humming a tune.
(NA, Ch. 21)

QD2 #8
It was now her darling object.
(S&S, Ch. 50)
QD2 #9
There should be moderation in everything.
(MP, Ch. 32)
QD2 #13
The nights are moonlight, and we shall do delightfully.
(NA, Ch. 11)

QD2 #15
Every pane was so large, so clear, so light! (NA Ch. 20)
QD2 #14
I never saw anything so charming!
(S&S Ch. 19)
QD2 #16
From a variety of causes, she was happy. (MP Ch 28)

QD2 #17
It must be an amusing study.
(P&P Ch. 9)
QD2 #18
There were shady lanes wherever they wanted to go.
(MP Ch 7)
QD2 #19
Those will last us some time.
(NA Ch. 6)


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