My Quilted Diamonds

I've discovered Linda Franz's patterns for quilted diamonds -- diamond-shaped blocks that measure 4" x 7". Mine are all hand pieced, and it's the first hand piecing I've done, though I've been quilting for some years. These little blocks are addictive!

The links below will take you to my diamond blocks:
Diamonds Page 1 Diamonds Page 2 Diamonds Page 3 Diamonds Page 4
("Beginner Blocks")
QD2 #4-#19
QD2 #20-#32
QD2 #34-45

Diamonds Page 5 Diamonds Page 6

QD2 #46-58
QD2 #59-

Note that some of the pages above may be "missing" a block or two, if those blocks were included on Page 1, the "Beginner" page. Those blocks are: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 26, 33, 49, 60, 74, 79 and 91.

Once I'd begun making blocks, I needed a place to keep all of the diamonds, so I did this....

Adapted from a pattern in Linda Johansen's book, Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes. The basic shape is the same as in the book, but I had to make the box a bit larger. The photo above at right shows the diamond (QD2 #12) inset into the lid of the fabric box.

Linda Franz herself has Monkey as her mascot/helper, and it turns out that I ended up with a couple of "helpers", too. Here they are:

Angel Monkey
I think she's the one who helps me when I've made a diamond that turns out well. ;) Sweet, isn't she? But when she sleeps, I think someone else "helps" me....
"King Kong"
He was given to me, and I suspect he's responsible for the diamonds that are a bit "wonky"! ;)