Meet Dexter!

Dexter was supposed to stay with us temporarily while DD#1 got settled and found a place where she could keep him. But you know how things like that work out; we became  his proud and permanent family! He "condescended" to play with Tuppence if she asked enough times, and then they tore around and had a wonderful time! Dexter liked to sit next to someone and gently "hint" that he'd like to have some attention. Hints might include leaning heavily on you, plunking his head in your lap and giving you a soulful look, or shoving your hand up with his nose so that it could land "accidentally" on his head. What a character!

We know Dexter was part chow, and we think he was probably also part lab. In this photo, he'd had his summer "haircut" and didn't have the chow-like mane that we sometimes let grow in the cooler weather.

And here are Dexter and Tuppence, looking all spiffy for Christmas after being groomed and getting holiday bows! 

Dexter almost made it to his fourteenth birthday. However, in his last months his hips became weaker and weaker, and it became more and more difficult for him to get around. Finally, on October 30, 2008, it became obvious that his time was up. I like to think that he's playing with Tuppence at the Rainbow Bridge, since they were best buddies until her death almost exactly two years previously. 

Dexter was a sweetheart to the very last. His joy came in being near his family and from having the occasional nuzzle. We miss him tremendously.