Daisy Visited!

Daisy never really lived with us for very long. She did move in for a little while, though, when our daughter and son-in-law, along with Elmer, stayed with us for a couple of months while waiting for their house to be finished in 1999. Actually, we moved into our brand-new house on one day, and they arrived the very next day! It was an interesting situation, to say the least! Daisy was still a puppy, as you can see from this photo, and she made it her personal challenge to eat everything in sight -- baseball caps, pantyhose, the walls of the house, etc. But she's really sweet, and we missed her when she went to her own home.

Not too long after she left, she and Elmer behaved in a very "natural" way, and the result was eight adorable cocker spaniel puppies! Here they are a couple of weeks after they were born just before Christmas, 1999.

As you can see, there was a variety in terms of color. Both solid black pups are males, as well as one of the ones that looks white at this point. The other two "white" ones, both black and whites and the buff one are all females. The white ones ended up being parti-colored tan and white, and one of them became mine! You can see Tuppence on her own page, though sadly she's no longer alive.