Winding Ways

I’m so excited! 8

Our local quilt show opened today and will be open through Sunday. This year’s show judge was really good to me, as I won three ribbons! Wow! I’m thrilled! Here are my “babies” with their fancy additions: Some time ago I made a Baravelle Spiral quilt from a pattern designed […]

It’s *big* 6

I know some of you may have thought that this would never happen, but I’ve finally finished the Winding Ways quilt top. 😉 Yes, that’s just the top that’s finished. The next step will be to make the backing and take everything to my friend Gerda, who has promised to […]

Winding Ways progress 4

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about the Winding Ways quilt I’ve been working on. That’s mostly because I’ve been procrastinating and letting other things get in the way of working on it. I have to admit that I prefer making smaller quilts; bed-sized quilts […]

Sunday’s progress 5

I worked on/played with two different things on Sunday. First, my Winding Ways quilt is coming along. I now have four rows put together! 🙂 Once I’d done that, though, I decided that I really really needed to make a couple of pot holders. Some of mine are in very […]

Back to it 5

It’s still hot, but I couldn’t stand it any longer; I just had to do something about my Winding Ways quilt. So today I laid out all of the blocks, trying — not always successfully — to keep the same fabric from being in any two adjacent blocks. I’ll be […]