Cozumel jaunt

Last summer, my husband got the idea that a long weekend in Cozumel would be a good idea. He booked our trip for mid-January, so we packed and got ready when the time came. At 4:00AM on a Thursday, we were at the Las Vegas airport. At 6:00 we boarded […]

Passau, Germany

Our last stop for this wonderful cruise was in Passau, Germany. Once again we had a walking tour, and we were very impressed with the wall markings in the photo to the right, showing how high the water was during the flood of 2013, as well as in previous floods. […]

Linz, Austria — our penultimate stop

There was just one more stop on our itinerary after Linz, so we were determined to enjoy every minute, which we did. 🙂 A mini-train — so cute! — drove us from our boat to town, where we had a walking tour. There was the usual cathedral, this one boasting […]

A brief visit to Melk

Melk is another small town in Austria, but it is also home to a positively magnificent abbey, which is still in use. There aren’t as many monks as previously, but there is still a school and an enormous library housed there. We were there on the same day as our visit […]


We had only half a day in this picturesque Austrian town, but it was beautiful! My husband and I decided not to take a guided tour this time, so we wandered around on our own.         This was the view as we left our boat. It was so peaceful […]

On to Vienna

Sadly, we only had one day in Vienna — I wish we’d had a few more! Still, one day is better than nothing. We had our usual city tour, one of the highlights of which was the beautiful Opera House. There were dozens of horse-drawn carriages there for tourists to hire.   […]