sewing room

Koala Studio Cabinet 2

I’ve had a terrific sewing machine cabinet for many years, and it would have lasted me many more. However, I have a storage problem in my little sewing room, so in March I began considering a change in cabinets. My timing was pretty good, too, since there was a Bernina […]

Necessity is … 2

I have a sad story with a happy ending, so let’s get to it. I have a very nice sewing cabinet, made by Tracey’s Tables. It has left-side and back extensions that go up when I want to work on a large, flat surface, and there’s also a “corner” extension that flips back […]


Tool storage I won’t claim to be completely organized or compulsively neat, but I do have part of my little sewing room that works very well for me and that I thought might be interesting for someone else. The doorway into this room opens on an angle, which means that […]

A little more complicated … 5

Some time ago, I heard that there were skins available — even custom ones — for certain models of Bernina sewing machines. Unfortunately my Bernina 630 wasn’t on the list. 🙁 However, I then learned that the reason was that removing the skin might damage the faceplate, and that replacing […]

“Almost” circles 1

I do like curves! Not on me so much, but on my quilts. 😉 I’ve been making some Drunkard’s Path blocks in two sizes, and this is what they looked like on my cool design wall this morning. Since then, I’ve rearranged them a little to distribute the colors a […]

My new design wall! 4

My sewing/computer room is a smallish bedroom, so by the time I have my computer desk, my sewing table, a rocking chair for handwork, and a few little extras, there’s very little space left over. I posted a few photos in an early blog post. One of the problems I […]