Plumeria 1

I did say this quilt was almost finished a few days ago, didn’t I? And it is! I used a new-to-me appliqué technique that I will have to practice more — I have a few “jaggies” that I wish I’d been able to avoid. But this is a souvenir or […]

Monday … 1

Today is Monday, and it isn’t starting out as well as I could have hoped. 🙁 I periodically do a random online check of our credit card account, and today’s check showed two purchases neither my DH nor I had made. Ack! Not again! This is the third or maybe […]

Decision 1

First of all, I hope everyone who celebrates it is having a wonderful Easter. 🙂 But, getting to the title of my post, I’ve finally made a decision on how to quilt the background of my plumeria! Whew! Making this sort of decision is always the hardest part for me. […]

Souvenir — delayed 1

Last summer my husband and I took a cruise around the Hawaiian islands to celebrate our anniversary. While there, I bought a special batik that is only sold in one shop in the world. I decided to use it in a small quilt as a memento of our trip. Fast […]