pin cushion

Variation on a theme 1

Those elephants I showed you about a week ago reminded me that I had a pattern for a pin cushion that I’d been planning to make. Elephants may never forget, but I do! LOL! Anyway, this pattern was for an elephant pin cushion — a really cute one. It was trickier to […]

A new pin cushion!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was in a pin cushion exchange with a group of French quilters, and my new pin cushion arrived yesterday afternoon! It’s really nice — all handmade, with a dimensional flower on one side and a six-pointed star on the other. Have […]

Pin cushion 4

I’m a member of a French-speaking online quilting group, and the list mom suggested a little swap of pin cushions as a holiday activity. This is the little Santa (Père Noël) pin cushion that I made and which is now on his way to a new home. 🙂  He’s made […]