paper piecing

Ready to “perch” 13

I finally finished my quail quilt last night ! I can’t wait to hang it in the spot I’ve decided will be just right for it. While I usually rotate which quilts are out from one season to the next, I suspect this one will stay put, simply because it’s going quite […]

Covey complete! 4

Okay, don’t faint because I’ve posted three times this week. 😉 I know I’m not usually this conscientious about keeping my blog updated, but I’m pretty excited at having finished the entire quail family I’ve been working on since the class I attended on Saturday. Naturally, I still need to […]

The family is growing …

My little quail family, that is! 🙂 I showed you the first of the baby chicks in my last post, but progress has been made since then. I’ve temporarily put aside the free-motion quilting I was doing, since I didn’t want to lose the train of thought on this little […]

Back from a fun weekend 2

Several friends and I have just returned from a weekend in Lake Havasu City, AZ, where a quilt retreat was held last week. Most of our “group” took a class together from Linda Hibbert, who had designed a new pattern for the occasion: a covey of quail! When I saw […]

Diamond Delight 4

Diamond Delight is the name of the quilt designed by Carol Doak for the cruise on which she taught this spring. It was originally designed with 6″ blocks, but I shrank mine down to 2″. I began the paper piecing of the quilt during the cruise, and then I finished […]