Scissors case

I’ve been a fan of Havel’s scissors for some time — at least partly because they have a selection of different styles of left-handed scissors. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes to a left-handed person to have scissors that are specifically for us! Turning right-handed scissors upside down doesn’t […]

Herding cats … er, elephants 5

I was in need of some little gifts for three young children and was tearing my hair out trying to think of what to make. Then I happened to see this blog post yesterday and knew I just had to make some of these adorable elephants! They’re actually very quick […]

An unusual quilting tool 2

I’ve had this tool for several years, so I’m not even sure that this same model is still available (newer ones are), but it certainly is useful! It’s called a Laser Level Square, and its intended use is for construction (squaring corners, etc.) or even for checking to make sure something is […]


Tool storage I won’t claim to be completely organized or compulsively neat, but I do have part of my little sewing room that works very well for me and that I thought might be interesting for someone else. The doorway into this room opens on an angle, which means that […]


I’ve seen those gloves we quilters can buy to protect our hands while using rotary cutters; they’re rather pricey, going for around $25 retail. This morning, however, my husband showed me something. You see, he frequently manages to cut his hands when using a knife. Since he loves to fish, […]