Facelift 6

Back in August, I wrote in this post about having some lovely new tile installed in our home. After we’d recovered from the resulting problems, we began to be less than happy with how the kitchen cabinets looked; the wood-tone cabinets and the grey tile just weren’t a great combination. In […]


Who said the weather in the Las Vegas area is always the same? A few large raindrops fell on me as I was coming home yesterday afternoon. Once home, it began *pouring* — we ended up with over 1/2” dumped on us over the course of the late afternoon! We desperately […]

Herding cats … er, elephants 5

I was in need of some little gifts for three young children and was tearing my hair out trying to think of what to make. Then I happened to see this blog post yesterday and knew I just had to make some of these adorable elephants! They’re actually very quick […]

You found me …

… and I’m so glad! I’d been thinking of moving my blog for some time. I wasn’t unhappy with Blogspot, of course, but I do have a private domain, and it supports WordPress. It just seemed logical to take advantage of that, so here I am, along with all of my […]

Busy time of year 4

I hadn’t realized that my most recent post dated from almost a month ago! But I know most of us are in the same situation: fully engulfed in preparations for the coming holidays. Some are dealing with unexpected complications, too, as I have been for the past couple of weeks — nothing […]