Houston show


How do you make a choice??? A couple of days ago an old friend came to town to attend a convention. She is the reason I began going to Houston each year for the big quilt show. Sadly, we hadn’t seen each other in several years, as she lives in […]

Back from Houston 3

What a week! Last Wednesday — early in the morning — I flew to Houston with my quilt buddy from Phoenix. We had an amazing five days at Quilt Festival there: lots of quilts, lots of vendors. This was, I think, the twelfth time I’ve been there, and it was […]

Silk! 3

In Houston last month, I ran across a stand selling silk yarn called Silky Mulberry. Oh, yum! It’s so soft and luscious to touch that I simply couldn’t leave the stand without a skein of that yarn. The hardest part was deciding which color to buy. I finally ended up […]