Have I mentioned that I love sushi? Of course, I love lots of different foods, but sushi is right up there at or near the top. Last night our younger daughter had us over for a Mother’s Day sushi dinner, but it was a little different from what we might have […]

Happy Thanksgiving! 2

If, like me, you live in the US, you may be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, and I hope it’s a very happy one for you. 🙂 I haven’t posted much in the past couple of weeks for a few reasons. First, my knitting project was “off” due to my mismeasuring. I’ve had […]

French macarons 1

No — not macaroons, those coconut cookies we all know. These are macarons, a meringue-like cookie made sandwich-style with a yummy filling in between the halves. A friend and I took a class at a local place last night, and I think everyone there had a wonderful time making various […]

New stove 1

Don’t you just love it when you have big plans for a project, and something interferes and ruins it all? About a week ago, I decided to bake some bar cookies for a friend, and all went very well at first. Before taking the pan out of our oven, I […]


How do you make a choice??? A couple of days ago an old friend came to town to attend a convention. She is the reason I began going to Houston each year for the big quilt show. Sadly, we hadn’t seen each other in several years, as she lives in […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone here in the US will have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. This is part of my contribution to our family’s dinner, which will be at our daughter’s home. Yum! I always make my grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie, and I have to say that it’s really good. 😉 […]