In memoriam 12

It’s taken me a while to decide whether or not to write this, but I’ve decided to go ahead. This blog is mainly about quilting, though there are the “and more …” bits, too. This is definitely not about quilting. My husband and I were away recently when we had […]


Have I mentioned that I love sushi? Of course, I love lots of different foods, but sushi is right up there at or near the top. Last night our younger daughter had us over for a Mother’s Day sushi dinner, but it was a little different from what we might have […]


Who said the weather in the Las Vegas area is always the same? A few large raindrops fell on me as I was coming home yesterday afternoon. Once home, it began *pouring* — we ended up with over 1/2” dumped on us over the course of the late afternoon! We desperately […]

Rest in Peace 4

I haven’t been around much lately, because we’ve lost a dear member of our family, my husband’s mother. This photo shows her just a few years ago, but she was only six weeks shy of turning 95 when she died just over a week ago. She’d been declining over the […]

String Art 1

We had a lovely Christmas here — it was so busy that I never even had time to post to my blog! But that’s a good thing, right? Besides, I was also occupied in moving to this new location and learning how to use WordPress — which I’m still doing — so posting had to suffer. However, […]