Scissors case

I’ve been a fan of Havel’s scissors for some time — at least partly because they have a selection of different styles of left-handed scissors. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes to a left-handed person to have scissors that are specifically for us! Turning right-handed scissors upside down doesn’t […]

Another fun day 1

Yesterday I attended an “event” at my local quilt shop, which is also my Bernina dealer. It’s Quiltique, and it’s a great shop. 🙂 They hosted a sort of workshop where we could get a little hands-on practice with the new Bernina 500-series machines. The practice resulted in a journal […]

Scissors keeper 2

Finished! The past two days of keeping my sick Bisou company paid off in lots of time to do handwork while she napped. So the scissors keeper I started on Friday is finished now, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. 🙂 I think it will be […]

Some handwork 3

I bought a pattern at our local quilt show last week, and today I decided to begin work on it. After all, I don’t feel like going anywhere, since my adorable little QI (quilt inspector) is feeling very under the weather today. Actually, I’d planned to give her a clipping, […]


Remember those blocks I posted from the Jennie Rayment class? I’ve finished four of them now and the pieced border and am doing the machine stitching to curve the pieces of that border. You can see the curves on some of the pieces and the straight edges on some of […]