At last! 6

You may not believe it, after all this time, but I’ve finally finished ‘Tis the Season! While I didn’t get it done before last Christmas, it’s ready and waiting for the next one. To recap the “story”, I took a class from Claudia Dinnell, whose design I’d seen and loved. The […]

Ready to “perch” 13

I finally finished my quail quilt last night ! I can’t wait to hang it in the spot I’ve decided will be just right for it. While I usually rotate which quilts are out from one season to the next, I suspect this one will stay put, simply because it’s going quite […]

Chalk it up to a learning experience

First of all, let me stress that the class I took last Saturday was excellent, and Sandra Bruce is a very good teacher. I love taking classes, and I always learn something in each one. This one taught me that the technique we were attempting just isn’t for me. Sad but […]