Cruising the Rhône (part 4)

I took yesterday off from posting, but today’s another day. 😉 By day five of our cruise, things were beginning to wind down. We were docked in Avignon, rather than in Arles, as we’d expected — the dock in Arles was undergoing renovations. No problem, though, as Arles was only about half […]


A couple of weeks ago, “my” quilt circle had its regular meeting, at which many of us used instructions shared by Christa Watson, a local quilter, to make chevron quilts. The original instructions used 5″ blocks, but I decided to make a miniature, so I ended up with 1.5″ blocks […]

A storm and a finished shawl 3

Tuesday we had enormous winds, bringing a storm from Canada to our normally-warm area. The cold wasn’t what bothered our little Bisou, though; it was the noise from the wind rattling the shutters and banging branches against windows. She’s a timid little thing, and she was just quaking in my […]

Thunder! 5

Hiding Our poor little Bisou is terrified of thunder. Rain by itself doesn’t bother her, but thunder is more than she can bear, so she finds a little “cave” to hide in until it passes, and she quivers and quakes until it does. I feel so sorry for her! The […]

A cool drink

My husband has been reworking the fountain we have in our back yard. He raised the base and repositioned the whole thing a bit, adding new plants to soften its look; the bottlebrush was already there, but he added three hibiscus plants. One gives peachy-orange blossoms, one yellow, one red; […]