A few days ago I went to my local quilt shop, Quiltique, to get some fabric glue for a project I was working on. While there, I happened upon a really cute gift item that I simply couldn’t leave there; it was perfect for me and for many people I […]

Squared Spirals 12

Not too long ago, I happened across a page showing knitted projects that illustrated math concepts. One of the knits looked like it could easily be made into a quilt using half-square triangles, though at this moment I can’t find that exact project on the site. Since I happened to […]

Baby bib 2

I’m in the middle of packing away most of my quilting paraphernalia, as well as most of my house, in anticipation of some new tile being laid in the not-too-distant future. What makes this doubly difficult is that the old tile must be taken out first; given that both “sets” of […]

Necessity is … 2

I have a sad story with a happy ending, so let’s get to it. I have a very nice sewing cabinet, made by Tracey’s Tables. It has left-side and back extensions that go up when I want to work on a large, flat surface, and there’s also a “corner” extension that flips back […]

Modern Clutch 8

Last fall I updated my iPhone to the 6s model, though I was really wishing I could keep the size of the 5s I was replacing; little did I know that the iPhone SE was coming out! Still, there are some features on the 6s that I like a lot, […]

At last! 6

You may not believe it, after all this time, but I’ve finally finished ‘Tis the Season! While I didn’t get it done before last Christmas, it’s ready and waiting for the next one. To recap the “story”, I took a class from Claudia Dinnell, whose design I’d seen and loved. The […]