Modern Clutch 8

Last fall I updated my iPhone to the 6s model, though I was really wishing I could keep the size of the 5s I was replacing; little did I know that the iPhone SE was coming out! Still, there are some features on the 6s that I like a lot, […]

A Tisket, a Tasket 4

Yesterday I took an afternoon class at my local quilt shop, Quiltique, to make a fabric basket. Actually, the theory was that we’d each finish three of them, but no one completed more than one. No problem, though — we all had such a good time that the class just flew […]

Prima Diva

Last Friday a friend and I got together to work on the Prima Diva Clutch. This pattern is not for the faint of heart! Robin decided to use as many different fabrics and colors as she could, while I stuck to a two-fabric palette. We worked together, both for the […]

Ack! 2

I’m in shock. My pile of projects that I need to finish and/or start is growing faster than I can control it! I have a little drawer with several things in it — things that need further thought about how I want to do them. And then this is a […]

Scissors case

I’ve been a fan of Havel’s scissors for some time — at least partly because they have a selection of different styles of left-handed scissors. You wouldn’t believe the difference it makes to a left-handed person to have scissors that are specifically for us! Turning right-handed scissors upside down doesn’t […]