A new tote

Last October one of my cousins was visiting Las Vegas during a tour she took; she lives in England, so this was a wonderful chance to get together, if only briefly. 🙂 Andrea brought me a lovely grouping of fabrics and a pattern for a tote bag. I had to […]

Slip sliding away …

Anyone who does machine quilting on a domestic machine for any length of time knows the value of having a silicon sheet for the bed of the machine. That silicon sheet allows the quilt sandwich to slide easily, reducing drag and reducing strain on the quilter’s shoulders and arms. It’s […]

Boxy Tote

I’ve been using a tyvek tote from a quilt show as a knitting bag for the past few years. It worked okay, but lately it was tipping over if I didn’t watch how I had things arranged inside. Yes, I could have taken some of my less-used paraphernalia out, but […]

Holi Ganesha — finished! 13

A couple of months ago, I posted the top to this quilt, and now it’s finished. Yay! For some reason, I didn’t completely paralyze myself this time with those awful inner questions: How should I quilt this? What if it doesn’t look okay? Will I mess up? — and so […]

Portugal, part 5 (final)

Our last stop before returning to Porto for the trip home, was Regua. We did some leisurely cruising to get there, passing innumerable vineyards and groves of olive and almond trees. If you look very closely at the photo on the left, you will see a statue on the distant […]

Portugal, part 4

  Have I mentioned how well we were fed during the cruise? We were, of course, free to eat on land anytime we were docked, but eating onboard was also wonderful. Lunch aboard our ship one day featured a specially-prepared salmon, which the chef flamed for us. It was delicious! […]