Two days of fun

My birthday was last summer, but one of the gifts I was given was to attend a two-day workshop at Quiltique, which is quite near my home. The workshop was called Bernina Academy and was to give tips and hints on how to deal with different types of fabrics. I’m […]

Practicing 4

I’m between actual projects at the moment and awaiting inspiration for my next one. However, I decided to take advantage of the down time to practice my free-motion quilting a bit. It’s rather nice to do this, not only to try to improve, but also because there’s no stress involved, […]

New cardigan 2

I can’t even remember when I began knitting this cardigan, but I finished it a week or so ago. It’s actually the same design as this one, which is a Custom Fit design, tailored to my measurements. However, this time I switched out the design on the front for a different […]

Tragedy at home

Recently we’ve all been witness to devastation in Houston and Puerto Rico, hoping we could all do something to help. This morning my husband and I awoke to yet another tragedy, this one not a natural disaster, but a man-made horror. We live in the Las Vegas area, in  a city […]

Love 2

Love — that’s the title of the little quilt I’ve just finished, for obvious reasons. This one is a bit different for me in that the quilting and the appliqué were both done with the embroidery module (“in the hoop”) of my Bernina. I’ve never quilted this way before! Unfortunately, […]

Not so ferocious 6

I have a friend who introduced me to the Inheritance book series, written by Christopher Paolini. I’m not usually that fond of fantasy fiction, but these were really engrossing. 🙂 At any rate, my friend is having some health issues, and I happened to run across an embroidery file for […]