“Holi” Moley!

I saw this Holi Ganesha pattern some time ago and fell in love with it. How could I resist? When I had the chance to get it and was finished with my previous quilt, I gave in to temptation. Not only is it gorgeous, but I do love elephants — […]

A new name tag 2

I enjoy attending meetings of the quilt group (such a fun group!) to which I belong here, and one of our very few rules is that we must wear a name tag. That’s actually a great rule, considering how bad I am at remembering people’s names! 😉 The name tag […]

Unicorn bed 7

We’ve recently become acquainted with a cute little girl who just happens to have a magic stuffed unicorn. It’s magic in that it eats when no one can see it. Unfortunately, when she’s with her father, the unicorn has no bed — a completely unacceptable situation, as I’m sure you’ll agree. […]

Machine quilting practice, part 4

This is the latest installment of the Lucy’s Nickels project I’ve been doing. This time we were supposed to do swirls that overlapped to make a sort of curved crosshatching pattern. While it was fun to do, I suspect it would be more effective if I’d done more overlaps. We’re […]

Convex Illusions — finished 4

Pieced, quilted, bound and labelled — it’s done! I’ve mentioned before that I’m not pleased with the way I quilted this, but finished is good, so I refuse to wallow in regrets; I’m happy that it’s finished. The pattern came from KwiltArt, where you can find a wide variety of […]

Coming down the home stretch

I’m *so* disappointed in the majority of the quilting I’ve done on this quilt! That said, I’m pretty pleased with the outer border. I used some of Lisa Calle’s rulers to make the double swag, which enclosed some large feathers. Then I used another of her rulers to do the […]