Latest “doings”

I was thinking back recently and realized that I hadn’t touched my sewing machine since before Christmas! Things have been busy, what with the holiday season, our brief trip, my mother’s death, and other life “things”. However, at the end of January, Angela Walters came to our local guild and gave […]

Facelift 6

Back in August, I wrote in this post about having some lovely new tile installed in our home. After we’d recovered from the resulting problems, we began to be less than happy with how the kitchen cabinets looked; the wood-tone cabinets and the grey tile just weren’t a great combination. In […]

Cozumel jaunt

Last summer, my husband got the idea that a long weekend in Cozumel would be a good idea. He booked our trip for mid-January, so we packed and got ready when the time came. At 4:00AM on a Thursday, we were at the Las Vegas airport. At 6:00 we boarded […]

In memoriam 12

It’s taken me a while to decide whether or not to write this, but I’ve decided to go ahead. This blog is mainly about quilting, though there are the “and more …” bits, too. This is definitely not about quilting. My husband and I were away recently when we had […]

Modern Clutch, parts 2 and 3 4

Some time ago I showed you a little clutch I made myself from dupioni silk. At the time I also wanted to make similar bags for our two daughters, but finding dupioni silk here is a little difficult, and ordering it meant purchasing a much larger quantity than needed. However, while […]

Cassatas 2

We’re lucky that our immediate family all live nearby. Because of that, one of our daughters usually hosts Christmas Eve dinner, I do Christmas breakfast, and the other daughter hosts Christmas dinner. We all contribute to the two dinners, of course, since it’s a lot of work for one person. […]