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First of all, I’m still — slowly — working on my New York Beauty blocks! The past few days have been a bit busier than usual with “other” stuff, though, so progress continues on a not-rushed basis. 😉

Today, though, I’m posting about a class I was lucky enough to take yesterday afternoon and evening. This was called Rulers for Rookies, by Lisa Calle, who is visiting “my” local quilt shop and from whom I’ve had a couple of other classes in other places. She is, of course, delightful and a very good teacher, so I was excited to get this opportunity. Lisa is patient and encouraging, so even people who had very small machines experienced success; small machines mean less throat space to manipulate the rulers and quilt sandwich, though the machines themselves may be fantastic in other respects. I used my Bernina 780 and the #72 ruler foot, which were a dream for this!

Lisa provided the quilt sandwich printed on fabric, thus saving time since we didn’t need to do the piecing in class. She also provided us with the rulers necessary to make the various motifs we were practicing, which of course we were also able to purchase if we chose. At the end of the class, I believe everyone — or almost everyone — walked out with a finished piece ready to be bound. We practiced crosshatching, curves and echoed curves, and stitch in the (fake) ditch, all with rulers.

In case you’re also interested in this class — either for longarm or domestic machines — but can’t find it in a convenient location for you, Lisa offers it on her website, along with a link to a complete kit! Just click here.

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