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Now that Christmas is behind us and all surprises are revealed, I can show what I made to give away this year. This first photo shows the five ornaments I embroidered for our grandchildren. These are all free-standing lace, meaning that there isn’t any actual fabric; all of the colors are achieved with thread alone. Each of the ornaments has over 26,000 stitches!






These next two photos show a sort of “gag” gift for our daughters. Actually, the one on the left is not a gag, but the one on the right is. Each daughter had one of each of the two designs.





Finally, I embroidered a pair of frameable pieces for each daughter and her partner. These were supposed to be simple little projects, but the cost of custom matting and odd-sized frames made them rather a joke on me! LOL! Our elder daughter and her husband are educators, so these were for them.

Our younger daughter and her partner are very interested in wine, so these  pieces seemed appropriate for them.

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I’m a retired high school French teacher from Arizona, now living in the Las Vegas area. I loved teaching French, but I love retirement even more! I’m a quilter, and most of what you see here will be about quilting, though I’ve also taken up knitting, and I love to bake. Please leave me a comment if you want to contact me — I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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6 thoughts on “Gifts

  • Denise Ellison

    The cost of framing is no joke. I got my husband to start making frames especially for the large group family photos. Your work is beautiful.


  • Rebecca Grace

    Those are fabulous projects. I especially love the OMG my mother was right design — where did you source that embroidery design, or did you digitize it yourself with software? Great job. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing with the 7 Series Yahoo! Group!

    • Sandy Post author

      Thanks, Rebecca Grace! I don’t digitize yet (or maybe ever), so that OMG design came from Dejah Vue Designs; there’s a link in the text — click on the word “right”. 🙂