Slip sliding away …

Anyone who does machine quilting on a domestic machine for any length of time knows the value of having a silicon sheet for the bed of the machine. That silicon sheet allows the quilt sandwich to slide easily, reducing drag and reducing strain on the quilter’s shoulders and arms. It’s a no-brainer.

There are two major brands that we hear of when shopping for this product. The first — and most widely used, I think — is the Supreme Slider, which has a small circular hold for the needle and requires the feed dogs on the machine to be dropped for most successful use.

I prefer the “other” brand: the Sew Slip, specifically the generously-sized Sew Slip 2 with rectangular hole, pictured here. Why does the hole make a difference, you ask? The answer lies in versatility. I usually use my walking foot to do stabilizing stitching on my quilts before beginning the much more fun free-motion work. I can still have the benefits of the silicon sheet *and* use the feed dogs (necessary with the walking foot) with this version. In addition, I have on occasion needed to stitch vinyl or other “sticky” fabrics, and this — coupled with a silicon presser foot on my machine — means I can stitch these items with ease. Yes, some people use tissue paper or other workarounds instead, but I’ve been known to stitch right through the tissue paper and then have to spend time with tweezers to get it out of the stitches. YMMV. 😉

At any rate, I thought I’d pass along this opinion here, just in case anyone wonders what the options are.

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