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I haven’t posted in a while, as I’ve been going through something that hasn’t left me much in the mood. Today, though, I decided to do some baking to get my mind off of things. A few months ago I’d purchased Dorie Greenspan’s newest book, Dorie’s Cookies, which is crammed full of scrumptious-sounding cookies, both sweet and savory. Since lemon is one of my favorite flavors and seems perfect in the spring, I made her Lemon Sugar Cookies.

The recipe goes together just as well as anyone would expect from a recipe created by Dorie, and the cookies are all I’d hoped they’d be: crisp around the edges, softer in the middle, with a delicate and refreshing lemon flavor. Even better, some of my grandchildren popped over to taste-test them and take more home for the rest of the family, and the cookies passed with flying colors! This is a keeper!

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I’m a retired high school French teacher from Arizona, now living in the Las Vegas area. I loved teaching French, but I love retirement even more! I’m a quilter, and most of what you see here will be about quilting, though I’ve also taken up knitting, and I love to bake. Please leave me a comment if you want to contact me — I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. :)

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    • Sandy Post author

      LOL! I love my canisters, too, Mary! My daughters gave them to me, and I was really afraid they would break when we moved some years ago, but they survived. 🙂

  • ella radmacher

    I am new here,just got back into quilting,I also machine embroidery,I. have two sewing/emmbroidery machines, one a jamone12000,the other one is my berina 7 80.have a good day.