Bisou comes home!

I'd been wanting another cocker for some time, but I thought it was best to wait. Wait, that is, until I happened to see this photo of a six-month-old puppy who needed a home.

She'd been intended as a show dog, but things didn't work out for a number of reasons, and I fell in love with her photo right away. She was my favorite color combination -- a red/white parti-colored cocker spaniel -- and she was so sweet! After communicating with her owner to get details and work out the logistics, we drove to Bakersfield, CA, on Feb. 2, 2008, and brought our new baby home. We named her Bisou, which means "kiss" in French -- and she does love to kiss! <G> As it turned out, she was born on our anniversary, July 7, 2007, so it really did seem as though it was meant to be. :)

Here's a picture of her playing with two other puppies before coming home with us.

The black and tan was also going to a new home, and the black and white belonged to the family who was taking her. 

Once we  got home, Bisou and Dexter got acquainted, and they seem to be working out well.



She's very playful -- this is just about her favorite position. <G>