50th Anniversary Quilt

My husband and I share our anniversary with his parents, who celebrated their fiftieth anniversary on July 7, 1990. For that occasion, I made them this Double Wedding Ring wall hanging in colors (blue and peach) to match their bedroom. It is machine pieced, following directions in a Georgia Bonesteel book, and hand quilted. It hung over their bed for a long time after we gave it to them. Sadly, my dear father-in-law passed away on July 29, 1996, after a long battle with emphysema. We all miss him, but we are comforted by the continued presence of my mother-in-law.

Update: My lovely mother-in-law passed away on April 4, 2015, at almost 95 years old. She is sorely missed by her children (and in-laws), her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren. She lived a full and happy life to the end.